DJ Pixels Photography

Cary / NC




Phone: (507)254-9899


Photography started out as a hobby for me, as first capturing my daughter’s images when she was born, and while she grew up, the sudden passion of taking event, and sports photography came into being. I started to excel, as more and more fans followed, I transitioned into Fashion, beauty and Wedding Photography. The last couple of years was truly a journey, starting with a lighting class, then brought my first DSLR, and it surely kicked off. I could tell, and my friends/fans everyone could see I was at another level with my Photography, my vision.
DJ Pixels is just not into photography, we provide services ranging from Weddings, Style shoots, Fashion, Beauty, commercial headshots. It also offers media services like imprints, commercial brochures, online flyers, videography etc.
As the owner/photographer of DJ Pixels, I see great future taking this company to the next level as a multimedia services provider.
DJ Pixels beliefs in “Invest in yourself, growth, world will come to you”. Let your work speak for itself.