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High Dynamic Photography & Films is in business for over 10 years. Our work speaks for itself, We are a professional team, creative individual, passionate about work. We love what we do. 
Indian & Pakistani weddings are the most fantastic occasions, full of energy, vibrancy and dazzling colors. They are wonderful family events that are just bursting with emotion and they are a joy to photograph & film.
Challenges for today’s wedding is to capture the essence of an occasion; to accurately and successfully document one of the most momentous celebrations in a couple’s life. It is to provide a film & photographic record that not only immediately delights, but continues to delight & cherish for years come. The weddings we have documented are lively, noisy, fun & bustling celebrations. They’re filled with emotions & feelings, warmth & joy, color & life. It’s so vital to capture it all. We aim to capture for posterity the images that people remember; the nervous smile, the glance to the side, the natural beauty and those delicate finer touches that have been so long in the planning. We keep things as real and natural as possible. Our style of documenting a wedding is very simple, natural and expressive.
Our film & images depict a visual storyteller & our work is timeless. We want everyone who sees our film & look at our photographs to enjoy them for what they are, but for each couple, we want our photographs & cinematic films to spark even more wonderful memories. 
For a truly unforgettable journey down memory lane, Contact Saud at 773-699-5294. We love destination weddings, although we are based in Chicago, we travel worldwide.