Horizon Henna

Atlanta / GA


Website: www.horizonhenna.com

Email: Ankita@horizonhenna.com

Phone: 770.906.0904



Hi, my name is Ankita Shah. I am the Henna artist behind Horizon Henna. With over 14 years of experience, I have been able to take my passion and turn it into a profession which I love and enjoy. was born and raised in India and started out doing Bridal henna in Mumbai (India). I Love the ever evolving Art of Henna and am fortunate to be able to help a bride tell her story through henna for her Big day. I specialize in intricate traditional Indian henna designs and am committed to making Henna the first step in starting the wedding celebrations. I would love to adorn you with Henna for your special occasion. From engagement party, weddings, religious rituals to baby shower and more.

I am currently providing henna services throughout the South East USA Georgia (in and around AtlantaAthensAugusta and Macon)

as well as Parts of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Florida. I also am open to travelling to destinations for henna

My henna paste is made with 100% natural Henna powder, organic essential oils, organic sugar and distilled water and is guaranteed to give you an amazing color for your big day. I do not use or provide “Black henna” which is very dangerous to my clients and myself.

I also love to decorate cakes and other mediums like candles, glass, wood and more using acrylic paint to mimic henna.