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At K.I. Weddings, we create magical moments from just a thought and spin it into gold regardless of your background, custom, or tradition. In Hindi, Khwaab means dream, which is where Khwaab Impressions was derived and created. Jignasa Sharma, CEO and founder, began the company in February 2008 in Dallas, Texas with just an idea. When this idea began to take root, it dug itself into the foundation of the fusion of the South Asian and American culture that Jignasa grew up in. She created Khawaab Impressions to assist in planning South Asian weddings, which later flourished into fusion weddings. Nine years have passed since the creation of K.I. weddings, but the principles the company was founded upon have remained the same. K.I. is about bringing two families, no matter how diverse in culture, customs or traditions together. However, this would not be possible without the rest of the K.I. family. We require each talented member of our team to have AACWP Certification. Always ahead of the curve in style and trends, our trusted team brings your vision to life.